Lokate Student

Locate school students with LOKATE solutions

Monitor student movement in & out of schools to ensure their safety

Instant notifications to student’s parents & school administrators

For Android Phones & Tablets
For iPhones & iPads

5+ years in business & installations in over 10 schools in
UAE, Oman & Qatar

4 interlinked solutions

for the convenience of school administrators, transport team and parents

LS School Bus

For student school bus tracking & notifications

LS Attendance

For gate scanning & class attendance

LS Route Planner

For school bus route optimization

LS Parent Pickup

For own transport students pickup by parent during school dispersal time

School implementations in UAE, Oman and Qatar

20,000+ people joined!

Apps available for both iPhones & Android phones




Option to mark all children entering the school gate as present instantly



Multiple Languages

Parents can receive notifications in multiple languages on multiple devices

Easy to use, capable & accurate

Would you compromise for anything less?

New features added as per feedback. Customer issues sorted instantly through WhatsApp

If the child enters a non-designated bus

Parent receives an appropriate notification and gets to view the LIVE location of the present bus in which the child is travelling

One click call to bus driver, assistant or the transport supervisor

Contact numbers displayed within the parent for quick reference & instant calling

Child forgets the ID card. No problem!

Even if a child forgets to bring the card, the bus-assistant can manually check in/out the child

Details of the bus time at a particular stop & drop-off instructions for a child displayed in Bus App

Special instructions & Time of Child pickup/drop-off displayed


What Our Customers are Saying...

The Supervisor App Monitor operations, bus fleet & the staff

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