LS Parent Pickup

LS PARENT PICKUP system for Own Transport (OT) students dismissal

A convenient system to inform teachers that a parent is waiting at the gate/exit to pick-up their child

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How it works

Lokate Student systems consists of a suite of apps. They work in-sync with each other in real time & account for each child during school bus transport to maintain safety of the students

LS PARENT PICKUP system for Own Transport (OT) students dismissal

– Parent of ‘Own Transport’ (OT) students scan their parent ID
card provided by the school at campus gate/exit or manually
provide names of their child
– Notification is immediately sent to teacher in student’s class
– Teacher sends the student to the gate to exit
– Student card is scanned when exiting the campus/gate


– No crowding of OT students in any area
– No name calling through loudspeakers
– Systematic exit process with full details & report

Installation Requirements

Mobile Device, Internet Connection, Parent NFC Card (optional)

Parent can inform the teacher/school that they are waiting outside the school premises from the Lokate Student parent app

This solution manages student going home with parents on their own transport. Safety of children is managed in the parking lot and there is minimum waiting time for parents & children

This solution has been implemented in Abu Dhabi Int’l School campuses (MBZ & City) & Abu Dhabi Indian School (Al Wathba), Abu Dhabi, U.A.E


Parents Can access this app on multiple devices with the same username & password

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NFC compatible phone for scanning each at each gate/exit

NFC MiFare 1K student or parent ID card

LS Attendance App for scanning Parent ID card

LS Teacher App for Notifications

LS Attendance App

When PARENT-ID card is scanned at the gate or when manual entry happens (when the parent ID card is unavailable or forgotten)

LS Teacher App

Class / Subject teacher gets to see in his/her phone if the parent is at the exit and the child needs to be sent out

When PARENT-ID card is scanned, the names of children are displayed to teacher to be sent to exit

Once the children are sent out, the time is noted for reference purposes

Lokate Student Parent App

Transport coordinator & school authorities To monitor & also make changes to the student and bus data as required