For the safety of children as they
enter/exit the school bus

Instant notifications to parent phone & ability to view bus movement on a map

Apple IOS8+

For iPhones & iPads


For Android Phones & Tablets

Built ground-up for parents & school authorities
For peace of mind & total control

Apps available for both iPhones & Android phones



Option to mark all children entering the school gate as present instantly. Read More.


Multiple Languages

Parents can receive notifications in multiple languages on multiple devices. Read More.

Easy to use, capable & accurate.
Would you compromise for anything less?

New features added as per feedback. Customer issues sorted instantly through WhatsApp.

If the child enters a non-designated bus

Parent receives an appropriate notification and gets to view the LIVE location of the present bus in which the child is travelling.

One click call to bus driver, assistant or the transport supervisor

Contact numbers displayed within the parent for quick reference & instant calling.

Child forgets the ID card. No problem!

Even if a child forgets to bring the card, the bus-assistant can manually check in/out the child

Special instructions & Time of Child pickup/drop-off displayed

Details of the bus time at a particular stop & drop-off instructions for a child displayed in Bus App

Initial & running costs


  • Android phone with RFID card reading capability (one device per bus) - one-time expense
  • $ 150
  • Cellular data per device (variable as per the number of trips per day) - monthly expense
  • $ 25
  • Cost per child per month - monthly expense
  • $ 4 to 8
  • (Optional) Cost per card for printing, case & lanyard - one-time expense
  • $ 5
    • dynamic

    Apple IOS8+

    For iPhones & iPads


    For Android Phones & Tablets

    Solutions already installed in multiple schools
    Complete training & assistance provided

    This solution is running in Global Indian International School (Baniyas, Abu Dhabi) & Ryan Int'l School (Masdar City, Abu Dhabi)

    • dynamic

    No Installation on the bus

    There is no installation of any devices on the bus. The phones are very portable and lanyard, protective case & tempered glass can be provided for device protection & safety.

    Bus 'empty' check by bus-assistant

    After all children have been dropped off, the bus-assistant needs to walk to back of the bus and scan the phone over this card thus allowing him/her to update the final status of the bus.

    Download & receive notifications on multiple devices

    We'll place the app on the App store enabling you to download it on any number of devices for all your children in school.

    Add new students, buses & trips!

    Scaling the operations as per the requirements of the school is just a few clicks away. Add students, buses & trips can be done instantly.
    Reports are generated every evening and can be sent to the school whenever required.

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    The Supervisor App
    Monitor operations, bus fleet & the staff

    Get real-time data of every student on the bus & LIVE location of the bus on a Google Map


    Upcoming Features

    - Proximity notifications: Parents can receive notification as the bus reaches within a specific distance from your home during morning pickup & afternoon drop off
    - Supervisor notified when student enters another bus instead of the assigned bus
    - Stay back children list: ability for parents to monitor children who have stayed back at school for various purposes as they come back home in the evening


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